Louisiana Breast Feeding Supplies Tax Exemption Starts October 1st

Earlier this year the IRS announced that breast feeding supplies, like breast pumps were tax deductible. If you are a breast feeding momma living in the state of Louisiana, you’ll be able to count your breast feeding supplies as tax-deductible items starting October first .
The act specifically exempts breast pumps and accessories, replacement parts, storage bags and accessories and nursing bras. Breast pump accessories include vehicle adapters, battery packs, power supplies and breast shields. Replacement parts include valves, membranes, tubing, filters, and other parts necessary to restore the breast pump to operational use. Storage bags and accessories include such items as storage bags used to hold the breast milk and collection containers.
Items that are not classifiable as “breastfeeding items” and will remain subject to state sales tax include nursing pads, nursing pillows, nursing stools, nursing covers, bottles and other related accessories. – www.revenue.louisiana.gov
Personally, I think nursing pillows, stools and some bottles should be covered. You’re not saving a whole lot of money here, so counting those items won’t bankrupt the state of Louisiana. Either way, it’s time to make an extra folder in your filing cabinet, labeled “Breast Feeding Supplies Receipts”!


  1. That is so exciting!

    We're done having kids and I know I'm going to miss breastfeeding.


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