Reassessing Alcohol in Pregnancy

The  Murdoch Children's Research Institute currently has a study underway that examines the effects of alcohol in low levels in pregnancy and how it may or may not affect the fetus.

The study poses the question...

"Women are told not to drink during pregnancy to protect their babies, but can the odd glass of win actually cause any harm? It is a question our researchers are seeking to answer through a new study into alcohol consumption in pregnancy. Funded by Vic Health, the study will develop a questionnaire for pregnant women about their drinking patterns to provide more accurate data on how different levels of drinking at different stages of pregnancy affects the developing fetus." -Read More 

Personally speaking, I believe common sense tells us that the rare glass of wine does not cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ( FAS ) and this study will confirm that.

Common sense can be overridden by political correctness. There's a stigma attached to drinking and pregnancy that is typically accompanied with harsh judgement in instances of that rare, occasional glass of wine.

Evidence-based guidelines would prevent needless worrying if a woman drank when she was unaware of her pregnancy.

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What do you think about this upcoming study? Is it time to update our guidelines? Or should pregnant moms stay away from alcoholic drinks?


  1. Hhmm. I know in Latin countries it is not uncommon to drink while pregnant. Yet, as a foster parent I have held too many preemature infants and seen too many young children with learning disabilities because of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Studies show that the effects of alcohol are actually worse than that of Meth, Cocaine, or any other drug....especially long term. It will be interesting to see what the Murdoch Institute conclude when it finishes its research. Blessings ~ jen

  2. Yes. Those studies are based on consistent, excessive drinking. Currently, there are no studies that show the effects low levels of alcohol, i.e. one or two glasses of wine with dinner. This study should give moms an updated guideline.


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