Homecoming Hair Style!

Hubby and I are a two-person styling team when it comes to our children’s hair.  He’s a genius with a trimmer (for fades) and I can braid like nobody’s business. :) Instead of making expensive appointments with hairstylists we’ve learned how to do for ourselves, and must say  we’ve been quite pleased with the results.
So yesterday was my daughter’s homecoming dance. After Hubby blew dried her hair, it was my turn to work my magic, it took me hours and dinner was a grab-what-you-can event, but my daughter went out looking quite professionally done….
Side swept bun with tendrils…
Ringlet curls…
Ornate braiding…
The finished product…

DD wore the SAME dress I wore to a formal with Hubby years ago….
How cool is it that my daughter is not only wearing it, but LOVES the style of it!? All in all she had a blast and it was completely worth the work!


I Use Florihana in My DIYs!