Infant Formula, Fluoride and Fluorosis

I'm a breast feeding mom. I've never given my children formula and proud of it. This doesn't mean I look down on on moms who do choose formula out of choice or need. This blog is solely about empowerment in making choices with full knowledge of the facts, with that in mind, I felt it vital to share this article I discovered on

This article touches upon the issue of fluorosis, which is a "developmental disturbance that causes permanent spots" on a child's teeth. Apparently this is caused by "low grade chronic poisoning". Which I take to mean an excess of fluoride in the formula in addition to fluoridated water.

(NaturalNews) Millions of infants have been overdosed with fluoride due to powdered infant formula being combined with fluoridated tap water. Parents, who prepare infant formula, have been deliberately kept in the dark regarding the risks of this overdose, for the simple reason that it casts doubt on water fluoridation. Because newborns only consume liquids, they receive much larger doses of fluoride than adults when you factor in body size. This overdose increases the risk of fluorosis.
As I mentioned, I've never bottle-fed my children, but I have seen and looked at a few cans of formula in my lifetime, as companies are intent to send me free samples. I haven't seen any warnings on how to avoid fluorosis. As a matter of fact, I've never heard of the term until now. Have you?

The article goes on to explain...

Yet in the midst of this great increase in fluorosis most public health agencies have decided not to do anything except post web pages. They have not called for warnings to be placed on infant formula packaging. They have not called for educating doctors, dentists and parents about this issue. The WIC programs (Women, Infants, Children) hand out free powdered infant formula to low-income parents. But very few WIC programs will inform parents about the fluorosis risk when the formula is prepared with fluoridated tap water

The article makes an excellent point in the case against fluoridation. Breast milk is acknowledged and accepted indisputably as the best for babies. Breast milk is low in fluoride, yet no one is saying breast fed babies need fluoride supplements. Very fascinating...

As I type this post I am reminded of a post I typed last month IFC Responds to Study on Hospital Trends. In this post I talk about the study on hospitals giving away formula to new moms. The IFC, Infant Formula Council spoke out against the study and insisted moms want to be given formula, and that it was imperative that new moms receive these giveaway samples that is filled with instructions on formula preparation (my paraphrasing).

“…Hospital discharge packs provide key educational materials, which may include an infant formula sample -- directing moms to the right type of formula and to proper use and storage instructions, if needed.”- Read full statement here. fluorosis even mentioned in these "educational packs"?
I would strongly encourage moms to check out fluorosis and avoid it. Here are some links to help you get started:

WHO - World Health Organization
Natural News Fluoride Articles

Why Parents are Not Being Told About Fluorosis - Natural News

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