Is Breast Cancer Awareness Really Helping Women?

Occasionally, I read articles published by Typically, they have great "expose" articles in regards to health, the truth and the media. They published an article that raises some very good questions about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

If October were properly devoted to educating women on the causes of breast cancer, this single shift of focus could greatly empower women. Instead, however, the over-hyped campaign of "awareness" simply makes women part of the "big business of cancer," offering only the tools of detection as opposed to the more important information on prevention.
The promoters of "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" would have women believe there is little, if anything, that can be done to prevent the disease in the first place. Yet the chances for avoiding breast cancer, like so many cancers, can be greatly increased with a personal commitment to better health through dietary changes, exercise and an avoidance of toxins.
The article points out that scientists and Epidemiologists believe that "many cases of breast cancer are linked to environmental factors", something that can be prevented with a change in lifestyle. You have to admit that it makes more sense to promote prevention by lifestyle change, rather than detection with expensive and costly tests. It seems to me that doctors/big pharma benefit more from Breast Cancer Awareness month than any one else.

NaturalNews Continues to share...

FACT: Mammograms, as used for breast cancer screening, frequently lead to needless worry. According to one study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, one third of the women screened over a 10 year period received a false positive.
FACT: As many as 50% of breast cancer cases remain unexplained by traditionally-accepted risk factors.
FACT: A handful of studies demonstrate that the majority of women who take one highly-prescribed and well-known "cancer-prevention" drug live no longer than women who refuse it. It is with great alarm that researchers are finding some breast cancers may actually use this drug to stimulate their growth.
I'd like to add one more preventative measure...breast feeding. Many studies show that breast feeding reduces your risk of breast cancer. This should, undoubtedly, be widely promoted during this month, especially when breast feeding is generally encouraged by doctors and the like...the question is why isn't it?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Focus Needs to Shift to Prevention


  1. I truly never thought of the prevention aspect because of the push for exams. In fact, no idea that it would be possible to actively prevent it.

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