The Non Blogger's Guide to Entering Giveaways

You don't have to be a blogger to find great stuff for free! You can find lots of products without having to spend your hard earned cash. If you are willing to dedicate some time and effort, entering blog giveaways can be your favorite past-time!

There are two things you really need to get started. An online profile and an email address.

Email Address

Create a an email address dedicated to giveaway entries. Gmail is a great email service with lots of options and spam protection for free. Hotmail ,  Yahoo, and AOL also provide free email services.

Online Profiles

Most giveaways require you to leave a comment of some sort on their blog. In order to leave a comment you may need to "register" your online profile. Your online profile is created after filling out a short form that consists of your name, email address and/or your website address. Requests for your website/blog address are almost always optional.

You can leave anonymous comments with your email address, but having an online profile, opens up more giveaway options for you. For example, a giveaway may require you to follow them by Google Friend Connect. If you have a online profile you will be able to fulfill this requirement.

Getting Started...Creating Your Online Profile

Chances are if you have an email account with Google, AOL or Yahoo, you may already have an online profile. These services are apart of OpenID enabled websites that will allow you to log in to comment on various blogs that require online profiles. Other services include:
Not all blogs require online profiles for commenting, but having one certainly increases the amount of giveaways you can enter. 

Social Networking Accounts

Bloggers LOVE social networking (yes, I should know :) Having a Twitter and Facebook account is definitely a must when considering giveaways. Most giveaways will let you add bonus entries in exchange for sharing their giveaway on Twitter and Facebook, and liking a sponsor's Facebook page. If you don't have an account it's easy to get started!

Google Friend Connect

Following a blog on Google Friend Connect is a common requirement for entering giveaways. This is a community of sorts that allow others to follow a blog and keep up with it. Joining GFC, as it is normally referred to, allows a blogger to send you newsletters and contact you by email (if you provide your email address in your profile) to keep you abreast of all the fun things happening at that blog! 

The GFC widget typically looks like this:

Every blog is unique, as is the layout of each blog. Look for it carefully on the sidebars of a blog.

Tips For Successful Entrances

  • Read the giveaway rules carefully and follow them. Giveaways can be partial to certain regions or places. 
  • Note the date of closing. 
  • Take advantage of bonus entry allowances. 
  • Keep track of your giveaways. 
One Final Tip, A Non Blogging Blog

Do consider creating a blog just for the purposes of entering giveaways. Blogger is a very easy way to go. Blogger services come with pre-made templates that will allow you to set it up quickly and efficiently. This can increase your bonus entry allowances as some giveaways ask you to share their giveaways on blogs.

Don't Count Out the Reviews!

A review post may have promo codes and discounts available only to those who read blogs. You just may find your favorite product discounted for a price you normally pay for!

Where to Find the Giveaways???

So glad you asked! I have a weekly giveaway hop that collects links from various blogs. This hop is open to all bloggers who have two days to add their giveaways links, but you can visit these links all week long!. You can subscribe to my newsletter to enter these giveaways when the links are up! Go to my sidebar to subscribe.

Questions? Leave a comment, I'd be more than happy to help!

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