Xylitol For Natural Dental Health!

I have a really cool story to share...I had a sore in my mouth that was forming (bear with me!), so I gargled and rinse with Sole. However, it wasn't healing after a few rinses as it normally should. Then I had the idea to try Xylitol. I had heard about Xylitol's dental  health properties and thought I'd give it shot since I have some in my cupboard. Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in veggies and fruit, that have cavity-fighting benefits. It is sweet and tasteful that gives you a nice "cool" feeling when it melts in your mouth.

Anyhow, I put some of the granules directly on the sore in my mouth and immediately I felt a difference. After a few applications (about an hour) my sore was not only smoothing out, but less painful! A day later, it was almost completely gone. Amazing! I just had to share that with you all and list all the information I could find on it, which is pretty amazing information...

It's just as sweet as table sugar and 40% fewer calories. Xylitol is metabolized and absorbed slowly, which doesn't raise your blood sugar like table sugar. It reduces the amount of germs that stick to tissue, which makes it an excellent defensive tool.
Photo Credit: HealthyFellow.com

I make it point to snack on Xylitol as I have a sweet tooth. I also freely give my children Xylitol. With Halloween just around the corner, consider having your child gargle and rinse their mouths with Xylitol dissolved in water after eating candy to prevent bacteria from sticking to their teeth. Better yet, hand out packets of Xylitol to trick-or-treat-ers :) okay well, maybe not, but you definitely have Xylitol in your arsenal against tooth decay!

***Disclaimer*** Xylitol is a food, not a drug. All experiences are my own. Information presented in this post is for informational purposes only and not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure.  Readers assumes personal responsibility in researching the benefits of Xylitol.



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