Birth Interventions - Do Not Disturb!

Often times, its good to try to fix things that go wrong in life. When we see something broken, like a door knob that's just a bit loose. Our first thought is to grab the screw driver and tighten things up, after all if we let that loose doorknob alone, we may end up incurring more damage than just a loose door knob.

What if there's nothing wrong with that door knob? What if the mere thought of the possibility of it becoming loose, causes us to panic and grab a screw driver. We'll tighten the door knob as hard as we could. Heaven forbid that doorknob should ever come loose...fall off...leaving no way for us to exit or enter. So we tighten that bad boy up with all our might. We peruse and ponder to ensure it works in ultimate perfection. Yet, somehow that screw went through wall and splintered the we have a bigger problem.

Anyone who displays the behavior in the second scenario, would be considered nuts. Diagnosed as obsessive compulsive and probably given meds. Yet that very scenario seems to be the same principle that defines the "care" many gestating women receive. Take a moment if you will, and read the article that inspired this post...

Doctors at an Australian hospital who performed an abortion on a woman pregnant with twins ended the wrong pregnancy, officials said.
The woman, who was within a few weeks of giving birth, had decided to abort one fetus after being advised the unborn boy had a severe heart problem that was likely to mean years of surgery or death soon after birth, the Melbourne Herald Sun reported.
Instead, the healthy twin was aborted Tuesday at Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne.
When doctors realized the mistake, they performed an emergency Caesarian section, ending both pregnancies.  - Read More
 Would this poor mom received a better outcome if things were just left well enough alone? Yes, that is probably very likely. IF the doctors were correct in their diagnosis, this mother would at least have one healthy baby, had they not intervene. What if they weren't correct? Mom would have had both of her beautiful babies. Does hope no longer count for anything these days?

This is exactly what interventions do in scenarios that could be well without "help", splinter the wood and create bigger problems. The doctors in the Australian hospital would have been better off hanging a "Do Not Disturb" sign on that doorknob...there's no fixing this.


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