Prenatal Oxylent Multi-Vitamin Drink Giveaway! (Closed)

Welcome to the Prenatal Oxylent Multi-Vitamin Drink Giveaway!

I have another awesome giveaway for you guys! This time, I'm sharing the second half of the "Dynamic Duo" of the American Pregnancy Association. Prenatal Oxylent Mulit-Vitamin Drink is the official prenatal multi-vitamin supplement of the APA. (You can find the Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA giveaway here).

What makes this multi-vitamin drink special is it's blend of essential ingredients and highly absorb-able delivery system by effervescent technology. The minerals used in Oxylent are sourced from Albion. These minerals have notoriety because of their superior bio-availability. Albion, by the way, is the innovator  in mineral amino acid chelate nutrition. Albion's glycine amino acid chelates are small enough to be transported right into the cell itself. 

Here are more reasons why this prenatal multi-vitamin stands out above the rest:
  • No large pill/capsule to swallow
  • Effervescent technology - more absorption of nutrients by the body
  • Keeps women hydrated
  • Sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener. There is no sugar added
  • No artificial color, flavor, caffeine, gluten or lactose
  • Third-party tested for potency and purity. No environmental contaminants.
It's very easy to use. Add a packet to 6 ~ 8 ounces of water. Stir and add ice. It has a pleasant raspberry-cranberry taste and is similar to flavored sparkling water.

ONE pregnant or breast feeding mom will win...
  • ONE box of Prenatal Oxylent Multi-Vitamin Drink (30 packets per box) retailing at $36.98
  • ONE pink Camel Back Water Bottle
  • ONE Swag
Starting 11/27/11, you can purchase the Prenatal and Children Oxylent Multi-vitamins for 15% off the regular price. Use the promo code: OxylentOlive at the shopping cart. The special ends at the end of the year. 12/31/11

This giveaway is open to US residents only. Entry is easy. Leave a comment sharing why you could use this unique vitamin drink! (mandatory) Please confirm all entries by the Rafflecopter. Use the bonus entries to increase your chances of winning. ALL entries will be validated! Any entry that does not conform to the conditions of this giveaway will be removed. The giveaway ends 12/17/11 at midnight EST. Best Wishes!


  1. i could use this because it's a great combo of nutrients for non-pregnant women too.

    hockiemack at

  2. I am currently pregnant with twins and planning on breastfeeding them...I could use this throughout the rest of my pregnancy as well as while I am nursing.

  3. i am trying to get healthy and lose weight so this would help a lot!

  4. I could use this since I'm expecting (first trimester).

  5. Congrats to all the expectant moms!

  6. i'd use it along w/ my current prenatal and multivitamin regimen

  7. I'd be happy to use anything to give me some pep right now as I enter my second trimester! (mckinneymommas (at) yahoo (dot) com)

  8. i am breastfeeding a little piggy now and have 5 other small children to take care of all day. i often don't eat that great just because i am too busy to do so. THis would help get some vitamins in me

  9. trying to start living right for the first in 40 years

  10. I'm actually not pregnant right now, but prenatal vitamins are so healthy for your body! I'd love to feel better without having to take pills!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  11. I would give this to my daughter who is expecting.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  12. I would use it in conjunction with my other prenatal vitamin :)

  13. We just started trying to have a baby so, I would use these to get my body ready.

    arudig at comcast dot net

  14. I need all the nutrients I can get since I am always on the go & still nursing Hux who is 11 months..I hope I win!!

  15. I would give the vitamin drink to my mom who is not pregnant but could use some extra nutrition.

  16. My sister is pregnant with baby number 2 and has horrible morning sickness. I'm thinking this could really help her

    Ashley rexrode

  17. I think this would help me live a little more healthier.

  18. My sister is pregnant so it would be a great gift for her to try.

  19. I could use Oxylent Prenatal Multi~Vitamin Drink for a healthy vitamin burst

  20. I could use it after my workouts

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  21. I could use this to help me after my workout :)


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