Study Suggests Delayed Cord Clamping For Three Minutes

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The latest study about delayed cord clamping comes from Swedish scientists. They recommend delaying cord clamping for three minutes, citing babies whose cord was not cut immediately experienced higher levels of iron.  The British Medical Journal also reports that there are no ill effects from delaying cord clamping.

An excerpt from the article says:

Dr. Patrick van Rheenen, consultant pediatrician at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands, said that enough evidence now exists to encourage delayed cord clamping.
He said, "The balance of maternal risks and infant benefits of delayed cord clamping now clearly favors the child. How much more evidence is needed to convince obstetricians and midwives that it is worthwhile to wait for three minutes to allow for placental transfusion, even in developed countries?"

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I am completely for the delaying of cord clamping, as a matter of fact, I think leaving the umbilical attached to fall off on its own would be preferential to the health of the child. I would suggest to any one considering delaying cord clamping to wait at least an hour.

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