Mate Factor Yerba Mate Review

I love tea!
I think its fair to say that I drink more tea than I do water. I’ve had several favorites over the years; green tea, Twig tea, Genmaicha tea, Rooibos to name a few. In recent months I’ve met and fell in love with a tea. Yerba Mate. It is really the perfect cup of tea. Hailing from South America’s rain forest, this tea is nature’s gift of energy and nutrition.

Naturally, I welcomed the idea of trying out a different brand than I’ve been drinking for the last few months. Mate Factor specializes in fresh, organic Yerba Mate. Which I believe is so important as an avid tea drinker. Organic is always the way to go with tea. Unlike fruit and veggies, you can’t “rinse” off tea before you drink it. Mate Factor is a fair-trade company, which is also very important to me.


I tried out two flavors. Fresh Green loose herb tea and Dark Roast loose herb tea.  I was surprised by how different the Fresh Green tea tasted from what I’ve been normally drinking. It didn’t taste like “Yerba Mate”.  Mate Factor explains on their site that they do not age their herbs and cure their mate with the CleanHeat method, thus avoiding a “smoky” taste to the tea. I believe this is precisely why the Fresh Green does not resemble what I’ve been drinking. Indeed what I’ve been drinking does have a “smoky” taste, which quite honestly is enjoyable. However, there is no question that I get more vibe from Fresh Green, than the counter part. It is truly more energizing and invigorating.


I gotta tell you, the Dark Roast tea has captured my heart! I just love this tea! The smell and taste is reminiscent of coffee and the beauty of it is…it’s not coffee! It has all nutrients and gentle energy that uplifts as opposed to aggravate. It is truly a beautiful thing! Dark Roast has roasted Carob, Barley and Chicory.
IMG_20111206_094704 (1) My favorite cup and Dark Roast ~ a marriage made in heaven!


As I mentioned before Yerba Mate is nutritious. Here’s what you will find in a cup:
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
It’s full of Polyphenols and boasts of a higher Antioxidant content than Green tea. Studies also link weight loss with Yerba Mate.  Read more about the nutritional content here.


I personally believe you can really experience a tea if you prepare it from loose herbs. Some may find that a bit inconvenient. Not only can you really get the most of the tea, you save money by purchasing it  this way. You have more control over your portions, as opposed to have it prepackage in tea bags. A wire mesh ball costs a few bucks that’ll pay for itself in the long run. I love preparing  tea this way, although I do drink teas that come in tea bags. And another thing, Mate Factor is very generous with their loose teas, twelve ounces goes a long way! I’ll be enjoying my teas for a while.

Thank you to Mate Factor for sharing their teas with me! If you’re a breast feeding mom, like I am, read my opinion on Yerba Mate and The Breast Feeding Mom.

Mate Factor provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so choose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review, or sponsor a product giveaway in turn for a free product.


  1. Do these teas contain caffeine? I assume not, however my husband can have NO caffeine and I have to be sure.

    1. Yes, Yerba Mate contains naturally-occurring caffeine.


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