Relaxation Doesn’t Always Mean a Hawaii Beach

As mom with seven children to care for, finding down time can be next to impossible. What I’ve discovered is an ability to relax or unwind doing every day things. It’s been the oddest things, but has worked  well for me. Here are some things that have given me peaceful moments.

Mincing Garlic
When I am cooking, I assign an older child(ren) to watch the younger ones. This means I have precious uninterrupted time to cook. When the recipe calls for garlic. I’ve found the repetitious chopping of raw garlic mesmerizing and relaxing as I focus on getting the garlic down to mince sizes.

I like to sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil on the carpet for aromatherapy as well as to disinfect. The repetitive movements in addition to the calming scent have left me blissful and relaxed after a vacuum session.

Washing Dishes
Yes. Washing dishes can be very relaxing for me. I do have a dishwasher that I use, but I’ve found that I enjoy washing them by hand. I love to add a few drops of spearmint to the hot water. It’s so invigorating when I wash. I have a window that I enjoying gazing out in and on a sunny day the sun comes streaming in to create a mellow and soothing ambiance.

Do you find relaxation in unobvious places?


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