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This campaign is now closed. But the Nordic Naturals What's Essential Blogger's Contest ends 3/31. Read below for details. Subscribe by Rss or Email to stay up-to-date on the latest review and giveaway opportunities!

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Nordic Naturals is having a contest and needs your help in getting the word out!

Nordic Naturals believes that omega oils are essential to an extraordinary life. That’s why they’re committed to delivering the world’s safest and most effective omega oils. They are committed to helping you get healthy and stay healthy, so you can do more of what you love with those you love.

The "What's Essential" Contest
Nordic Naturals wants to know what’s essential to you!

Nordic Naturals is inviting everyone to participate in the exciting What’s Essential contest by submitting your “what’s essential to you” story and accompanying image via Facebook or Winners will be announced in June. Official rules are posted at No purchase is necessary to enter or win. The contest is open to Canada (excluding Quebec) and the USA.

How you can help!
We need bloggers who can (1) review the Ultimate Omega®-D3  and (2) share the What’s Essential Contest with their readers! If this describes you and your blog:
  • First time reviewer of Nordic Naturals products
  • Green, Health and Wellness blogs, or a blogger passionate about health and wellness
  • American/Canadian (Quebec excluded)
  • English or bilingual presentation
  • 500+ Followers/Subscribers (GFC/Newsletter/RSS info should be viewable on your blog)
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ numbers will be considered as well.

Then sign up here.
Space is limited! The first 75 blogs that qualify will be sent a product to review. The turn around for your post time is 7-10 days upon receipt of the product.

Don’t meet the criteria? No problem!
As long as you have an American or Canadian blog, you can enter the What’s Essential Blogger’s Contest! If you enter a blog post about the contest, you are then eligible to win a prize valued at over $125.00. There will be THREE grand prize winners. Each winner will receive:
  1. A Nordic Naturals tote bag filled with products!
  2. A What’s Essential T shirt
  3. Other swag from Nordic Naturals

To enter:
  1. Write a post on what is essential to you in your life
  2. Include in your post, information about the What's Essential Contest and encourage others to enter and do the same
  3. Enter into the contest – this is optional
  4. Tweet/Facebook the post.
  5. Publish your post and submit the link here.

ALL bloggers, qualified or not, can enter the What’s Essential Blogger’s Contest. Only one link per blog should be submitted.


  1. Great opportunity!!!! Hope I am selected to review!!!

  2. nice post dear
    fllowing u dear
    now follow my blog

  3. Thanks~I just signed up to review!

  4. GFC is nearly obsolete (especially for non-blogger blogs), will you count G+, Facebook, etc for followers?

    1. Hi Sadie,

      GFC will not be available for non-blogspot blogs. I'm considering GFC numbers for Blogspot blogs only.

      Having said that I'm also looking for Newsletter/Rss/Subscriber feeds of any kind for consideration.

      Facebook following, especially if it's a large number will definitely be a plus for blogs who have low blog subscriber numbers.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Also to mention...

      Google+ is considered, in addition to Twitter etc. Please make sure all of your social media and subscription numbers are view-able on your blog.


    3. Thanks. :) I was just checking for a few friends that have lower numbers.

    4. Sadie,

      Your friends can enter the Nordic Naturals Blogger Contest for a chance to win a prize valued at $125.00.

      Currently, there are no entries. :)

  5. Thanks for the chance to participate.

  6. I received my review product yesterday! Hooray! Thanks for posting about this--and for linking up at the Super Sunday Stumble! I've stumbled, +1-ed, and liked this page. :-)

  7. Yay! Looking forward to your review! Thanks for stumbling :)

  8. I saw the question about GFC and now there is another alternative, it is called Linky Followers, give it a look and see if this would be of interest. I am seeing a lot of blogs have added it. For me, I am going to continue with the GFC because there will b plenty of Blogger Blogs that wont be switching to Wordpress. Have a great day! Karren

  9. Hi Karren!

    I've seen the Linky Followers gadget on several sites and am considering it for myself. I agree. I'm not counting out GFC. I still think it will be a force to be reckoned with. There are a tons of blogspot blogs that are not switching to Wordpress. I'm not inclined to the hype that GFC is "going away". However, I still think Blogspot PR friendly bloggers should consider building other communities with platforms other than GFC... not to put all of your eggs in one basket so to speak.

    Thanks for sharing!


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