Is Caffeine Really Bad For You?

I’ve always been suspicious of claims that caffeine has a negative impact on your health. My thinking stems from drinking Yerba Mate, South American tea that loaded with vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring caffeine. I’ve found drinking Yerba Mate, as well as green teas, to be a very pleasant experience of gentle stimulation.  However, back in  my pop drinking days, I do remember the feeling of jittery nervousness that came from caffeinated soft drinks. I’m willing to bet (I haven’t done any personal research on this yet) that synthetic caffeine is the culprit of the negative results of caffeine.  

However, a article talks about the latest research that reveals that caffeinated coffee can protect against Alzheimer’s Disease.

“(NaturalNews) Recent research suggests that drinking caffeinated coffee daily may protect against developing Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, depression and more, according to reports from Science Daily. Animal studies at the University of Florida discovered an ingredient in coffee that interacts with caffeine and increases blood levels of granulocyte colony stimulating factor (GCSF), a growth factor that that prevents the production of beta amyloid plaques, which are thought to be the causative factor in Alzheimer's disease. Researchers reported that daily consumption of caffeinated coffee by middle-aged and elderly individuals markedly lessens the risk of developing the disease.”


“Coffee is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, which provide the body with additional ingredients to increase cognitive function to protect the brain; as well as protect against other diseases of aging, such as Type II diabetes, depression, stroke, and Parkinson's. Studies also suggest coffee may help fight against breast, skin and prostate cancer.”

“Drinking two to three cups of caffeinated coffee daily may also lower the risk of depression in women by 15%, according to research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine-- and those who consume four or more cups daily have shown an even greater reduction in their risk of developing depression. Caffeine affects brain chemicals and is known to release mood-altering transmitters.”Read the entire article

I’m NOT a coffee drinker. I abhor the stuff. However, the research information on  caffeine is quite fascinating! The article advises that all things should be taken in moderation including coffee.

“Caffeine affects brain chemicals and is known to release mood-altering transmitters.” This would explain the “gotta have my “coffee/Yerba Mate” feeling every morning!


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