#WhatsEssential Twitter Party Recap!

The #WhatsEssential twitter party was Nordic Naturals first twitter party and it was not only fun, but very informative! I thought I would share some the links, tweets and information that was discussed.

Here’s what was discussed:

  • You can test for Omega-3s in your body. http://www.omega3test.com/
  • It’s really important that you purchase thirty-party tested fish oil.
  • “NN provides fish oil as "triglycerides", which are digested by enzymes from the pancreas” – Scott Minton MS PhD
  • “Since fish oil is 'food'- its best to take it during or with a meal!” – Scott Minton MS PhD
  • Vitamin D3 is the natural form of Vitamin D produced by the body and is the more absorb-able form.
  • (Vitamin D3) - “Yes...it is the last form made after a long trip from the skin to the liver to the kidneys!” – Scott Minton MS PhD
  • “Ultimate Omega is the #1 selling fish oil in the U.S.” – Nordic Naturals
  • “From the paper we use to our LEED eco-headquarters, our vision of health and sustainability goes beyond our products”- – Nordic Naturals
  • “Fish oil will help heal intestine cells...but not kill or push out parasites. Any bugs of interest?” – Scott  Minton MS PhD
  • “From the boat to bottle-we control every step so that we know our fish oil is pure and fresh! ” – Nordic Naturals
  • “Ultimate Omega Sport is the first fish oil worldwide to be NSF certified for sport! Highly concentrated for demanding needs!”  – Nordic Naturals
  • “The concentration in Krill oil is very low, making it difficult to meet the daily expert recommendation!” – Nordic Naturals
  • “There are only a handful of studies completed on Krill oil, while there are over 30k studies on omega-3s from fish oil” – Nordic Naturals
  • “Just one serving of our NN products will meet the daily recommendation!” – Nordic Naturals
  • “Did you know that 50% of your brain's cell membranes are comprised of DHA?” – Nordic Naturals

I learned a whole lot more, and look forward to the next party! You can read the entire #whatsessential twitter timeline for more.

Dr. Scott is Nordic Naturals’ Educator. You can find him on twitter as @TravelingAsBear and Nordic Naturals as @NordicNaturals. Follow Nordic Naturals on Facebook for giveaways and more! You can enter the What’s Essential contest to win a grand prize of a California trip!


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