The Post That Changed My Mind About Pinterest

I don't know why I didn't delve further in my primary thinking about Pinterest. Anyhow, that niggling thought in the back of mind, the one I pushed out with thoughts of what's "in", came back full force after reading this post.

As a blogger, I always make sure I have permission to post a picture on this blog. I always make sure I give credit and a link back to the site I got the picture from. Many bloggers and websites do this. So when I joined Pinterest, my first thought, how do I gain permission to pin pictures was basically ignored, but brought back full steam after reading this post written by an attorney. If you're an avid Pinterest lover, I suggest you read.

As of now, I've deleted all of my boards...I might even delete my account...

Why I Tearfully Deleted My Pinterest Inspiration Boards


  1. They've changed their privacy notice and terms of contract because (I assume) of all the complaints like these. So good news. Check out the new terms. I'm no lawyer but they look like they address all these concerns.

  2. Hmmmm....

    I'll check it out. However it's not the privacy issues I'm concerned about, but the copyright issues. Pinterest can't protect me if someone has a problem with me pinning thier images. I'm comfortable not having boards.

  3. I believe the copyright issue is what's addressed in the new terms.

    1. Thanks Hannah!

      I'll stop by and check it out. :)


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