The Breast Milk Baby Doll Supports Local Breastfeeding & Offers 50% Discount

The Breast Milk Baby doll hit the US market early in 2011, boasting to be the first doll that “breastfeeds” in North America. While critics came out in droves, and controversy seemed to overwhelm the mission to normalize breast feeding, many did hail the dolls as revolutionary…a potentially positive way to change the way breast feeding is viewed.

The Breast Milk Baby doll received the Dr. Toy Top Ten Socially Responsible Products award in 2011. The doll is manufactured by Berjuan Toys, a Spanish, family-owned toy maker.

The doll, popular in Europe, is still facing tough audience here in the US.

Dennis Lewis, the US ambassador shares…

Our Breast Milk Baby dolls support and encourage breastfeeding. Over the past year we have been working diligently to bring our beautiful high quality dolls into retail outlets all over the country, but the truth is it’s just not working. The attitudes toward breastfeeding and the social taboo it still unfortunately represents are creating obstacles that a small company like Berjuan Toys can’t overcome. The owners of the factory in Spain have all but given up on the U.S. market for these wonderful dolls.

This is more than just about selling dolls for Berjuan Toys, it’s because we genuinely believe in the importance of our mission. If kids grow up knowing that the normal healthy way to feed a baby is by breastfeeding, together we will have achieved something truly amazing.

However, the general attitude in this country towards breastfeeding has placed our project in serious jeopardy. Therefore, over the course of the next few weeks we’re going to try and get people talking again. Hopefully, with a little light-hearted humor we can start raising awareness and provoking thoughtful conversations.

These dolls are on the verge of leaving the US forever. The Breast Milk Baby is offering a 50% discount at with the promo code XMAS. Additionally for every doll they sell from now until Christmas, they will donate $5.00 to support local grassroots breastfeeding initiatives.

You can find The Breast Milk Baby on Facebook


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