IE Uses Social Media to Promote a Self-Deprecating, Humorous Message

I do not like Internet Explorer, like most who have experienced headaches using it. Today, IE has become that "last man on earth" as Google Chrome is not behaving with its usual effectiveness. So, I'm on Twitter wondering what the heck is going on with Google and trying to find a tidbit of information. When I see a promoted Tweet by Internet Explorer under the #Google hashtag.

I must say as a social media specialist. I was quite impressed with IE's use of social media to send out a self-deprecating humorous You Tube video. Take a look, it's hilarious...


This is in no way a ringing endorsement for IE from me. I still prefer Chrome...for now.

I can appreciate the creativity in the message...and the acknowledgement that IE does "suck".
Their word, not mine.


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