Praying for Newtown, Connecticut

Once again, we as a nation face another tragedy, a mass shooting in an Connecticut elementary school.
Today, we mourn the loss of children and teachers. A place where futures are bright and enlightment is a steadfast objective, has become a place of grief and unimaginable devastation.
My initial reaction to ask WHY? Why the children??
But today, I’m so thankful to have my children home from school, safe and sound.
I am broken-hearted for those moms and dads who have lost their babies today. For those who have lost their moms and dads. The students who have lost classmates and teachers.The teachers who have lost students and colleagues.  School will never be the same for them. I suspect, it won’t be the same for the rest of us as well.
May God grant you peace. Bless and keep you all during these times.


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