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Weight is such a personal issue for women. We are bombarded with images of super skinny models and live under the chastisement of BMI weight charts. Charts, I firmly believe, do not necessarily reflect the unique individualism of each person. It has been two years since my last child, I’ve still not met my goal weight. I do battle with this concept often. A timeframe in the midst of a never-ending task list, is a good amount of pressure and stress on my body image.

So my goal is to feel and be healthy.  It’s so important to know that thin does not translate into health. True health begins, not with a gym membership, but with quality food intake. Quality food is, unfortunately, not prevalent in our society. We are inundated with processed food. Food shopping has become a sad event as shelf, after shelf is lined with food that presents more of a dilemma than healthy nutrition. So much that I’ve decided, I need to learn to garden! But that is another topic for another post. Smile

In order to support nourishment intake, many take a multivitamin of some kind. With many multivitamins on the market, it’s extremely vital to understand that supplements of varying kinds are not created equal. As matter of fact, some vitamins should be avoided outright.  Many vitamins are synthetic isolates, which are partial vitamins combined with other chemicals. Needless to say, it is NOT a good thing. Your body absorbs a very small percentage of synthetic isolates. You should avoid synthetic nutrients and additives.

Here is where Oxylent, an effervescent, multivitamin drink shines. Oxylent is a high quality multivitamin that is made with Albion Minerals. Albion is the only manufacturer that is able to guarantee the absorption of their minerals, which is patented and backed by 180 studies. Additionally, the effervescent delivery system is better absorbed than pills because no digestion is needed!

If one of your goals in the new year is to lose weight, Oxylent is the perfect compliment to your weight loss regimen.

“Research increasingly shows that hunger is influenced not simply by the amount of calories consumed but by nutrient intake. Studies have linked adequate intake in vitamins and minerals to both decreased experiences of hunger during weight reduction programs and to lower body weight in general, suggesting that intake is a key factor in successful weight loss.

Appetite and hunger are often increased during weight loss due to variations in hormones such as leptin, insulin, and cortisol, which play key roles in regulating appetite. Since vitamins and minerals are required in the synthesis of these hormones, inadequate nutrient intake can interfere with signaling pathways and result in increased cravings and overeating. Ensuring adequate vitamin and mineral intake can help regulate appetite and decrease cravings and overeating.” – Oxylent

Electrolytes are certain minerals that are found in bodily fluids. They are vital to conduct the electrical charges that power our bodies. During sustained exercise, water alone is not enough to maintain electrolyte homeostasis. Oxylent provides 50mg of Sodium, 225mg of Potassium and more to support the electrolyte homeostasis during your weight loss program. Oxylent is a much better alternative than the mainstream sports drink which typically contains artificial sweeteners, colors and additives.

Oxylent is sugar-free, sweetened with Stevia only.

I truly enjoy Oxylent. It is fizzy like soda and comes in a variety of fruity flavors. Their new, sugar-free formula does not taste much different than their previous formula, which was delicious! It’s so easy to take take these vitamins and they are yummy enough to remember to take daily. I get a immediate “boost” from it.

Here’s a picture of my very fancy cup of Oxylent! I take the term recycle literally so this “cup” is actually a jar that contained a substance of some sort at one point of its existence.  In any event, you can add ice for a refreshing beverage alongside your meal.


I’m giving away a prize pack to, not one, but TWO, TOP readers to empower healthy weight management resolutions in 2013!

  • Oxylent 30 Count Adult Variety Pack
  • 7 Count Sparkling Berry Pack
  • A Pink Camelbak Water Bottle
  • Swag


Entry is easy! Tell me how you resist the pressure to be “thin”? How do you plan to use Oxylent to support your weight management goals? Do this to unlock the rest of the entries. Complete as many entries as possible to increase your chances of winning. Please note – Entries without correct, validating information will NOT be considered.

Giveaway is open to US resident, 18+. Ends January 3rd, 2013 Midnight EST.

Please view the health information, review and disclosure policy. Entry into this giveaway indicates that you are aware of its terms and conditions. Full Disclosure: TheOliveParent provides contractual services to IMI, PR representative of Oxylent.

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  1. My husband helps alot because he prefers me with meat on my bones. :)

  2. Well I intend on getting past the holidays and working on getting back to our "better" diet & excercise plans.

    1. Exceptions should always be made during the Holidays!

  3. I'm not worried about my size anymore- I've shifted the focus to STRENGTH! I'm working out and watching what I eat so that I can be a Roller Derby girl next year!

  4. i just try to focus on healthy habits and follow my body's hunger cues

  5. i try to run a mile at least everyday. instead of just drinking water, i can now use this drink to help me even more

  6. i look at those around me and realize no one's perfect, even celebrities spend their lives in the gym, with personal trainers and tons of money to buy food, and STILL use photoshop!

    i learned to love myself and be true to myself

  7. I focus on being healthy instead of my weight.

    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  8. i feel the pressure to be thin because my mom is really thin and so are my sisters.

    1. You are perfect just the way you are! Its truly difficult to live under the pressure another's idea of who you are. I had to "train" myself to resist other people's idea of me and compose my own ideas of myself. Very hard indeed, but the "freedom" is well worth the work. I even had to exclude those who contributed negative energy from my life. It is a sad reality. I wish you peace of mind this Holiday season!

  9. Oxylent is a great substitution for unhealthy sodas to keep you fit and trim! Thanks!

  10. I focus on feeling great about myself, not thin !

    Mona Zavala

  11. It is hard especially on the blue days but I work out at least 10-45 min every day that I can. I work out to remain healthy, I have Addison Dicease and Thyroid issues so I have to take large doses of steroids so I can sit on my but and gain 5-10 lbs a week or I can shake off the blues, get up and dance :)

  12. I no longer feel the pressure to be "skinny," but I do want to stay fit and healthy. Oxylent sounds like a great little help :)


  13. I walk everyday outside to stretch my legs, get some cardio and fresh air to stay healthy and fit! Would love to try Oxylent for the nutritious vitamins!

  14. pressure to be thin.....i resist by being really into nutrition and superfoods...this would be a great addition to my regime..

  15. I intend on getting past the holidays and working on getting back to our "better" diet & excercise plans

  16. Honestly...I don't think "thin" is beautiful...I think healthy women are. I love curves on women...but healthy curves. I have those so I have never felt any pressure to be "thin". I would use the Oxylenta to motivate myself and use in conjunction with everything else I do to stay healthy.

  17. I focus on being strong and fit rather than skinny and thin! Oxylent will be a delicious and nutritious way to get my vitamins to keep my body strong and fit while working out at the gym too!

  18. Honestly, the only time I feel the pressure to be thin is when clothes shopping. The rest of the time it's actually pretty darn easy to be happy with myself. I don't love the weight and I wish I were smaller but... (Like MomLovesDeals) My boyfriend loves me with a bit extra. If I say that I'm fat he actually gets upset! Bless his heart, I love him dearly for that!

    With that being said, I would use the Oxylent to help maintain (and hopefully lose some of) my weight. I have achilles tendon problems on both feet that make it really hard to exercise since most things put strain on the ankles/tendons but I've been slowly working on a few exercises that don't and Oxylent would really help my body get what it needs without overeating!

  19. It's been two years since I've had my daughter, and I keep finding excuses to not work out, or not do this or that. I'm finally putting ALL of those aside and starting to eat healthy and clean, and walk everyday.

  20. I am okay with the way I look. I look at those models and people who look almost sick because they are so "thin" and it almost makes me sick. People are individuals and so are their weights. People should be at a healthy weight, not necessarily thin or fat. At the end of the day it's about health and not particularly "how" you look.

  21. I honestly just want to feel comfortable in my clothes...and NOT have to buy bigger ones! I'm okay with not being stick-thin, or even just thin, but I don't want to be fat. Argh. I would use this in my daily routine, and try to add a little bit of exercise every day. Slow but sure...emphasis on the 'sure' bit. :)

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  22. I used to be thin until age 35. Since turning post menopausal it is impossible to lose weight short of starving. I would like to be thin and don't understand how women my age do it unless they live on salads. In my life I lost a sister to breast cancer @ age 46, I have a brother and mother with mental illness and have had breast cancer 3 times myself. My oldest son served 3 tours in Iraq and my three other son's have been hospitalized for serious lung problems. None of this was caused by weight. In the big scheme of things the emphasis we put in this country on looks, youth, weight, celebrity is absolutely sickening. How many people live to serve others like Mother Teresa did?

  23. I've been up and down a lot over the years. And I've come to the conclusion that when I'm heavier, I'm not happy. So I go by my level of happiness. If I feel good, I feel like I look good!

    This would help keep my cravings at bay, so I can stay on track!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  24. I would use it instead of snacking. I'm a big junk food snacker.
    lovinhugs36 at hotmail dot com

  25. I try to accept my own body and set realistic goals. I want to eat healthier and be stronger physically more than getting thinner. Happy New Year!
    mandalarctic at gmail dot com

  26. Unfortunately I have no choice as I'm am extremely overweight...which is as worse then being thin w/all the medical problems I have.


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