It Does Exist! #Green, Luxurious and #Organic Perfume {Giveaway}

Many perfume products are labeled as aroma therapeutic, as the mainstream perception interprets aromatherapy as “therapy with scents”.  Ultimately, Aromatherapy works through two channels, the olfactory system and topical application. In short, aromatherapy incorporates both the psychological effects of the aroma and the pharmacological, physiological effects of pure essential oils.

Essential oils are derived, or extracted from the plant, tree, root and more. They can be found in the glandular hairs, glands or veins of different plant parts and are vital for plant growth and evolution. Many believe the oils to be the true essence and energy of the plant. Hence the term, Essential Oils. Essential oils are minute molecules, easily absorbed through skin, a process called transdermal absorption. They are easily dissolved in fat, which explains why they attach themselves to natural body fats and fluids.

Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other sense. Smelling is the quickest and most direct route to our brains. Other senses, such as touch, must travel through the body via spinal cord & neurons before reaching the brain. The Olfactory bulb, located in the back of our nose, has nerve endings that carry directly to the brain. Amazingly, we process and remember 10,000 to 100,000 different scents. Smell is the strongest link to the subconscious. We retain memories related to scent.

Having prefaced this, I’m excited to share with you a true perfume product that incorporates Aromatherapy by definition! Tsi-la is one of the first USDA Organic Certified companies in the United States. They are the only true beauty company that produces clean, organic and natural products with holistic benefits. Their products contain living, active essential oils and flower compounds that are nutrient-rich organic extracts, high in minerals and phytonutrients.

This is not your traditional perfume.


Tsi-la contains food grade ingredients, active extracts, Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and more.
What I love about Tsi-la is what they do NOT contain:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Artificial colors
  • GMOs & more

If you’ve watched the defeat of Prop 37 in California this November and are one of the many concerned consumers who want to know you’re buying, I’m sure, like me, this revelation is gratifying.

I will easily confess that I was a wannabe Aromatherapist with a love affair for essential oils. I went through a Lavender essential oil phase. Used it in every lotion, body oil and creams I had. When that wasn’t enough, I attempted education to create my own perfume with online guides of various sorts. Word to the wise, leave it to the experts...

Because the market is over laden with synthetic, celebrity-endorsed perfumes, I never made any attempt to look for a perfume that could be organic. After all, it’s an oxymoron in a synthetic society, right?
I was beyond thrilled to have stumbled upon Tsi-la. I received and tried Ilang Ilang (sugared citrus fruits, tiare blossom, vanilla orchids) along with a few other samples. Although I discovered, my favorite scent, Flori D’ Arancio, (orange blossoms, tangerines, caramelized Vanilla, Neroli flowers), I found that I could combine scents, or choose one that suited my mood at the time. These scents are truly mentally invigorating. It’s difficult to relax at night when setting down for bed after a long day’s activity. I’ve found that putting on Ilang Ilang just before bedtime, encouraged a meditative state of mind.

Tsi-la suggests applying the roll-on applicator in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together vigorously to activate the pure essential oils and organic ingredients. Apply to your hair, the nape of your neck, behind ears, décolleté, and pulse points. Take deep calming breaths. I really like this method of applying the perfume. I found it much more effective than simply adding the perfume on certain parts of your body.

My husband really enjoyed Kesu (Amber, rare woods, smoky incense, jasmine petals, exotic spices, fresh lime) one of Tsi-la’s unisex fragrances. I felt so good about sharing my samples with my daughters knowing they weren’t harmful synthetics.



Tsi-La is generously offering my lovely readers a chance to win a bottle of perfume of their choice and samples!


If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that lady or man in your life, I can’t imagine a better way to show you care with a luxurious bottle of organic perfume! In addition to this giveaway, Tsi-la is also offering those who would prefer a more direct route, a promo code! Use TOPReview and receive 20% off your entire purchase. The promo code is good until 3/31/13

Entering into the giveaway is easy! Leave a comment telling me your favorite perfume on and click on the Plus One button to recommend TheOliveParent on Google. Choose as many entries as possible to increase your chances of winning. This giveaway is open to the US, 18+ and ends March 1st, 2013. Entering into the giveaway indicates you understand and agree to the terms and conditions.

Health Disclaimer:

All statements & products mentioned in this post have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be used to diagnose, cure or treat any diseases.



  1. I think it would help me relax from all the daily stresses in life.

  2. I use Eucalyptus and sometimes Cedar wood scents when I do yoga and meditate. For some reason they help clear my mind. I'd be interested in different fragrances/their effects on me.

  3. I like the ILANG ILANG sounds like something I would love to try!

  4. Misaki sounds nice, and aromatherapy would help me with life's stresses and struggles.

  5. Their perfume finder suggested Fiori D'Arancio but I also think that I would like misaki!

  6. this one sounds awesome!

  7. I love the Fleur Savage

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  8. Fiori D'Arancio ORGANIC EAU DE PARFUM sounds divine.

  9. misaki sounds like an interesting scent

  10. I love using aromatherapy tools to help me relax!

  11. I would love to use aromatherapy for stress reduction :)

    ktgonyea at

  12. I would love to try Fiori D'Arancio
    Thanks for hosting

  13. I want to try the Fiori D'Arancio. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  14. Kizes looks to be the one made for me! I think it would help to bring more joy and happiness into my life. Aromatherapy does wonders! :D

  15. I'd love to try Kizes perfume oil!

  16. I love artisan/natural perfumes!! Kesu sounds like something I need to try
    Thanks for the opportunity!!


  17. i would like to try the saqui for my husband

  18. I love all different kinds of perfume but since I have allergies & asthma so I think aromatherapy perfume would be better on my lungs :)
    Thank you!

  19. I would love to try KIZES.

  20. i would like to try the Misaki scent
    goldengirl7763 at hotmail dot com

  21. my favorite is the Misaki

    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

    tony l smoaks on rafflecopter

  22. I like the Fleur Sauvage! I'd also like to try the Ilang Ilang!
    Thank You!


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