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I had an epiphany while watching a whale story on Animal Planet. Whales, marine mammals that migrate all over the ocean have been found to contain very high levels of contaminants such as cadmium, aluminum, titanium  and more.

If 70% of our earth is water and the oceans hold 96.5% of all the earth’s water, it doesn’t look very good for us on land does it? My epiphany was this, detox needs to be apart of my  daily “diet”. I’ve decided, it’s not enough to simply avoid toxins, I need to incorporate ways to eliminate the body of contaminants on a continual basis.  I’ve recently begun looking into ways to “detox” or neutralize free radicals which is caused by many factors, namely exposure to chemicals and environmental toxins. I’m a tea-drinker, which is good, but I’m researching more methods that can bring balance to my PH levels. Like many of you I’m combating issues such as stubborn weight and a hormone imbalance, I’m constantly trying to correct.

That said natural, bioavailable coral minerals derived from sea coral is one way to do this. Considering that sea coral comes from the sea may raise concerns as it should, but Coral Calcium LLC sells  EcoSafeTM coral calcium sustainably harvested above sea. Land-based coral has been thrust upward from the seafloor to form coral islands. This type of coral has been purified over centuries by exposure to the sun, unaffected by the pollution in the water.

What is Coral Calcium?

Pure and natural coral calcium is unlike regular vitamin supplements from the simple fact that they come directly from nature. As a matter of fact, most vitamin supplements sold are derived from synthetic isolates, partial vitamins combined with other chemicals. Some experts such as Dr. Mercola, warn that vitamins like these may have the opposite of the desired effects.

Coral calcium contains a natural balance of 74 sea minerals. The minerals, very similar to the mineral composition of the human body has an alkalizing effect. Its natural PH range is 10 to 11. It has been said that viruses and colds cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Coral calcium is also said to be ionized, which means that it is easily absorbed by your body. In order for minerals to be ionized they must pass through a plant or animal, only then are they organic and ionized. Calcium found in soil and rocks are mainly inorganic because they haven’t been digested by plants or animals.

Coral Calcium LLC provides coral calcium to health food stores across the world. They claim to be the first coral calcium company to use environmentally-friendly harvesting practices for above sea coral.

SAM_0626I have been using their Cell EngerG 30 Stick Pack Box for a few weeks. It comes in an orange flavor and is sweetened with Stevia and Xylitol. The powder is effervescent and bubbles when it meets water. I definitely get an immediate energetic kick from the drink. There’s a slight sulphur smell that I found to be natural, although a bit off putting. I got used to this as I really liked drinking this with my meals. I discovered that I was able to digest my food more smoothly.

Coral Coral LLC is excipient free. No synthetic fillers or binders that are typically found in tablets. With the loose powder, you’re getting more of the product.







SAM_0692In hindsight, I wish I had chosen the loose powder which would give me the ability to control the amounts I need. The stick packets I think are more convenient for travel or those who don’t need more than a single pack a day, otherwise a box will only last you a week or two at the most.

I was able to try their toothpastes. As you know, I’m a fan of natural dental care. I’ve been using Neem to clean and care for me teeth as well as oil-pulling (an Ayurveda method) to heal a cavity that I have. Yes, I do believe that cavities can be healed. That’s a story for another post.  I’ve temporarily stopped my oil-pulling process when I received the toothpaste and have been using the paste for a month and have noticed a change to the shape to my cavity. My cavity is not completely healed, BUT there is a bit of new tooth material that did not exist prior to it’s use.


The Coral White Toothpaste is said by Coral Calcium LLC to be the only natural toothpaste in the world that is formulated with above sea coral calcium. It supposed to re-mineralize teeth. Re-mineralizing my teeth has been a goal of mine that I’ve trying to do via diet. From my personal experience and result, I can say that Coral White can re-mineralize teeth, however, my results are my own and I can’t claim the same will be said for you. I do encourage anyone with dental concerns to visit a dentist, one that believes that a healthy diet means great teeth. That said, I will most definitely incorporate this product in my dental care routine! My children tried their Coral Kids paste. Out of the six, two of my children weren’t too crazy about the Bubble Gum flavor. All of their toothpastes are fluoride-free with no synthetic colors, flavors, preservatives, glycerin or sodium lauryl sulfate.

I received the Alkalizing Water Treatment packets. They raise the PH levels of your drinking water while delivering coral minerals and vitamin C. I added one sachet per liter. I found my water to taste the same (filtered water) no fishy taste or any detectable flavors, so that was a plus. My husband who is physically active used the sachets more than I did. He said expressed that the water “worked” for him during his work-outs.

The Giveaway

One winner will receive

  • One box of Cell EnerG – 30 count
  • One tube of Coral White Mint Toothpaste
  • One Tube of Coral Kids Toothpaste
  • One 30 day supply of Alkalizing Water Treatment

As of today, you can receive the Cell EnerG for 50% off! Their site has some pretty good discounts going as well. The Alkalizing Water Treatment – 18% off. Check it out. www.coralcalcium.com

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Disclaimer: Product and information presented in the post have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be used to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases.


  1. It's time to clean up my act!! I was told to think about taking sea coral calcium but I didn't know about the differences.....This post really helped me understand a few things. Thanks for turning me on to the website and the opportunity to win this


  2. I would love to try these products. The antioxidants and minerals they provide would help to keep my family healthy. I do like natural dental care and I am always looking for terrific products like this toothpaste too.
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  3. I would definitely love to use the toothpaste everyday.

  4. To remineralize teeth! I've really been needing to do this!

  5. I would have to do some research on how to incorporate this. It sounds very interesting; would love to give it a try!

  6. i would take one every morning for bone health

  7. I would give to my mom who has a calcium deficiency

  8. I drink tons of water so I would especially love to try the water treatment!

  9. As I get older, I need more natural calcium in my diet.

  10. I would take it every morning to try and be more healthy.

  11. Just as a everyday thing in the morning :)

  12. I would use the Cell EnerG on a daily basis like you mentioned in your review. Sounds very interesting and I'd love to see how it worked for me.

  13. I would use it to help strengthen my teeth --- I have a couple teeth loose.

  14. I would use it to motivate me to be healthier in general and start a new routine :)

  15. I would use it to help my teeth stay healthy.

  16. I am getting older and worried about the amount of calcium i get..this would help alot


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