Talk Digestive Health & #Probiotics For #Pets With #Czerral {Giveaway}

What’s In Your Pet’s Food?
Mainstream pet food products on the market contains a horror story of ingredients. Whisperings of ground up road kill, left over animal body parts and the like are said to be packaged and seasoned with artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives.

“Dry” pet food, by example, is made with a machine called an extruder. An extruder requires a certain amount of starch and low moisture ingredients to function correctly, so poultry by-products, flours and grains are the primary ingredients found in this style of food.

With the majority of the pet food products packed with synthetics, preservatives, flour and who knows what else, it is not a surprise to hear, like human digestive health, pet gut health is on the decline. 

Digestive health is not to be taken lightly.  If we are unable to break down our food and retrieve much needed nutrients; vitality, energy and quality of life is impacted. The root word biotic, originates from the Greek  word bios, meaning life. Probiotic literally means FOR LIFE. Probiotics play an absolute critical role in gut health.

The Issue
With the probiotic industry in it’s infancy, it’s not surprising to see confusion ensue over claims shopped by pet probiotics industry. Many manufacturers seem to focus on the importance of specific strains that work “better” for pets as opposed to humans. What you may not know is that most probiotics on the market are likely genetically altered (GMO), trademarked and given scientific-sounding names. Your only guarantee that a probiotic supplement is Non-GMO, is a third-party, organic certification status.

A Pioneering Product, A Pioneering Formulator

InLiven is the FIRST certified organic probiotic. Hand-cultivated with 25 years of research, InLiven has set a standard unrivaled in the probiotics industry. InLiven’s formulator, Czerral, well-known for his exclusive role in introducing Spirulina in the world market in 1979, coined the term “Super Foods” in reference to organic foods with a broad spectrum of nutrients in the early ‘80s.  Czerral’s degree (one of many) in vibrational medicine reflects his passion and understanding of the micro-cellular world.

Meet Sabel

Sabel is Czerral’s beloved fur baby. A 8-year-old, Himalayan & Rag Doll breed, Sabel has been consuming InLiven most of her life. She was rejected by her cat mother as kitten, having legs that was up in her stomach. A “low rider”, Czerral once called her. Sabel, who was small enough to fit into the palm of her Czerral’s wife’s hand, today weighs a whopping 16 pounds.  She is a beautiful, vibrant, exemplification of InLiven!

TOP_PetEvent (2)
You are formally invited to participate in a conference call with Czerral to talk probiotics & digestive health for pets!

The conversation will touch upon:
  • Role of bacteria in animal health
  • How modern day life and diet has compromised digestive flora in pets
  • Are probiotics specifically formulated “for dogs/cats” necessary or are some strains universal?
  • Pitfalls of choosing a good probiotic for pets
  • Why organic certification and raw formulation is important
  • Fermented food benefits and immense nutrient component to InLiven.
  • His personal experience with pet health with InLiven
 Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 7:00 PM Central Standard Time
To check your time zone, go to
RSVP at the >>>> link.

***Can't Make The Call?? No Problem! RSVP for the Recording. Add "Probiotic Recording" to the Event field.***

inliven-sAs a thank you for participating, TheOliveParent Organics is giving away TWO certified organic InLiven Probiotic Superfoods!
Eligibility to receive a prize:
  • You must RSVP prior to the start of the call.
  • You must be 18+
  • The giveaway is open to EVERYONE (Worldwide), the call will be in the English language.
The giveaway closes when the conference call begins. Entry into the giveaway indicates you understand the terms and conditions. The giveaway closes August 6th, 7PM Central Standard Time

An Organic Referral Opportunity

You can use the unique opportunity presented with this event to become a Miessence Independent Representative and refer friends and family to earn commissions and discounts. Contact me via the form on the sidebar with questions and more information. Bloggers are welcome to contact me. More events with experts are being planned, if you want to be in the loop, message me via contact form with your request.
Disclaimer: All information and products mentioned are presented in an informative format, has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose and cure any diseases.


  1. Thanks for the giveaway ! Hope to win and be lucky !

    1. Hi Rehana! You'll need to use the Giveaway Tools app in order to enter the giveaway officially.

      :)Hope to see you at the conference call!

  2. my dog breeder told me to use pb8 b/c my youngest min. schnauzer has pink on her white from yeast in her foods. i changed dog foods so there is no yeast in her foods now. she gets a combo of dry and raw food. will this product help with these problems?

    1. Great question! Jot down any more and have them ready for the Q&A. :)

  3. what would you recommend for a 3 year old pitbull?

  4. Is this specifically formulated for pets. How does this compare to Azodyl.
    Has it been tested in control groups on pets with diseases that benefit from probiotics like kidney disease?

  5. The conference call is TONIGHT! Hurry & RSVP to receive your call instructions as soon as you can. Bring questions! We have amazing information for you.


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