#Pets & #Probiotics Conference Call Highlights!



TOP_Pet_FBYesterday the Digestive Health and Probiotics for Pets Conference call event premiered and boy was it an eye-opener!

Many of us who love pets and animals have a good idea of how horrible commercial pet food is, but just how bad was revealed last night by our expert Czerral who regaled us with statistics, facts and knowledge. This scary news may not sit well with many of us, but was necessary to share in order to understand where a decline in health may begin. I’m sharing some highlights of the call and the recording with you all.

We also had a special guest! Dr. Venus Williams, an expert in micro and molecular biology, is currently penning delish pet food recipes, stopped by to share her knowledge with us!

We learned…

  • Animal diseases are a product of what we feed our animals. Commercial, processed diets are a cause of malnutrition paired with toxicity.
  • We must understand the manufacturing process of meat by-products and meat meal. Meat meal and meat by-products are comprised of anything that is not fit for human consumption such as head, feet, entrails and more. The source of this meat are euthanized animals. This is a “protein concentrate” and added to virtually every single commercial pet food on the market.
  • Commercialized pet food is fortified with synthetic vitamin isolates like B vitamins, shavings of iron,  artificial additives, anticaking agents, and more. Chemical preservatives are usually added. Some intentionally, other preservatives are residue from  by-products.
  • Moisture content is also an issue with pet food in order to prevent organ dysfunction. Dogs and especially cats are designed to eat food that is 70% moisture. If pets are eating dry food they are only getting about 12% moisture content. Especially a problem for cats that don’t drink enough water to be hydrated like dogs do.
  • Just like humans a balanced, raw, homemade diet is best. Pets need an array of raw, organic wholefood delivered vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, healthy bacteria.
  • All life on this planet is dependent on bacteria. They are in intricate part of nature and the ecosystem of plants, the animals that eat those plants and the animals that eat animals.
  • Bacteria balance is vital. The bacteria must be present to break down and assimilate these nutrients and the other critical health functions they provide for animals, keep bad bacteria in check, detoxify their digestive tract.
  • Every animal needs an effective probiotic supplement to regain or maintain health. Criteria being bacteria delivered by fermented foods, as nature intended. Certified organic bacteria strains, prebiotic, probiotic ingredients should be included.
  • The probiotic industry is in its infancy. Only 500 naturally occurring strains have been identified. InLiven’s 12 core family Lactobacillus are ideal to create the right Ph balance and internal environment to support colonies for the other strains that should be present in a healthy human and animal. ALL are important. Strains should be diverse and supplemented or ingested every single day.


Learn more! Listen to the recording.


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Listen to the recording and tell me your thoughts!


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