Mother of #EcoBeauty

For us Eco-beauty fanatics, natural  and organic skin care is apart of our daily lives, but have you ever wondered how natural, organic skincare came into existence? Prior to 2001, certified organic skin and body care was just a myth.

After expressing her frustration with the ethics of the company she had just left, a family member gave Narelle some books on aromatherapy, herbal remedies, and recipes for natural skin care products. Surprisingly, even these books recommended toxic preservatives, so Narelle started experimenting with her own methods and created her very first skin creams (which she gave away as gifts).
As her research deepened, she was captivated by the many wonderful offerings of Mother Nature, and grew more concerned about the poisonous ingredients that most cosmetics contained. She was inspired to tell others about her findings, and had articles published in several well-respected natural health magazines. The response was so positive that Narelle realized this was her calling and life’s mission.
As a young mother pregnant with her third child, Narelle’s kitchen hobby soon grew into a vibrant home-based business. Her children grew, so did the demand for her products, and Narelle juggled nappies, school lunches, making products and filling product orders.
Shortly after a developmental grant from the Australian government, Narelle's product range was third-party tested under flawless scrutiny and awarded organic certification in January 2001, shaking the multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry to its core!

I invite you to meet this dynamic, personable woman and her trailblazing company, Miessence!


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