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Miessence, the world’s first manufacture of certified organic skin and body care, produces the most pure, potent and fresh products that are certified organic to FOOD GRADE standards. Pure enough to eat!

Christmas Stocking Stuffer from Miessence


The stocking stuffer contains travel sizes of:

Intensive Body Cream – Concentrated, aloe vera based, moisturizer with blends of organic avocado and sunflower oils

Sunflower Body Wash – Concentrated, aloe vera- based cleanser with blends of cold-pressed sunflower oil, orange and lemon peel.

Desert Flower Shampoo – This product is over 70% aloe vera! Yucca juice is used for cleansing, no harsh detergents! Panthenol moisturizes the hair and organic avocado oils restore luster, moisture to damaged dry ends.

Shine Herbal Conditioner – Concentrated, aloe vera based conditioner is formulated with nourishing and emollient moringa seed oil from Tanzania, pro-vitamin B5 and organic herbs. Organic apple cider naturally balances the pH.

Mint Toothpaste – This super concentrated toothpaste is aloe vera based with blends of organic essential oils and herbs to brighten your teeth and freshen your breath. Our toothpastes are free from fluoride, aluminum, artificial sweeteners and detergents.

This stocking stuffer comes delightfully packaged in a Christmas-themed organza bag. Receive a charming Christmas- New Year post card with a special promo code with 30% off the full size products in January!


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Order on or before December 10th to receive  your products by Christmas.

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