Superhealing With Dr. Elaine Ferguson - A #Holistic #Affiliate Opportunity

What is Superhealing?

Holistic, integrative techniques that involves the mind, body and spirit as a catalyst to your healing regimen. Superhealing is a revolutionary healing program that shows you how to tap into the power of your mind, the regenerative ability of your body and the energy of your spirit to stimulate your body’s innate ability to heal.
The Book - Superhealing is a, customized 40 day action plan that implements a variety of clinically proven, holistic techniques that will encompass four core steps to a superhealing lifestyle. These steps will guide you on a unique journey to better health while bringing the mind, body, and spirit back into balance. You will discover you don't have to get sick, that your genes aren't fixed, and that your family's medical history isn't your destiny.  It's how you live that plays the most significant role in your health, far more important than access to medical treatment.

You’ll also learn...
  • How things like spiritual beliefs and practices, isolation and anger affect physical and psychological health.
  • The central role and significance stress has on the mind and body.
  • The truth about genetics and disease.
  • The distinctions between feelings, thoughts and emotions, and how both positive and negative emotions factor into one's health.
  • The power of a plant-based diet and the dangers of processed food.
  • The impact healthy relationships have on the body.
  • The significance of vitamin D3, omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, critical minerals, and vitamin B complex.
  • Why exercise should be your superhealing "drug" of choice.
  • The superhealing power of touch--particularly massage and reflexology.
  • Toxic environmental factors such as the health-damaging chemicals present in most personal care and cleaning products, and how to reduce or eliminate them.
  • How laughter, meditation, guided imagery, cognitive reprogramming, journaling, forgiveness, and gratitude can dramatically improve your health.
  • All of this and more, backed by scientific research!
The Workshop - The Superhealing teleseminar, a five-day series, is based upon the 40 day action book.

The workshop covers…

Your Superhealing Body
  • Genetics & Disease - The truth revealed.
  • Plant-based diet - Its power to heal.
  • Nutrition, Supplements and Natural Medicine - Their significance in health.
  • Reversing the physical damage of negative emotions.
  • More!
Your Superhealing Mind
  • Stress - The central role and significance it has on your mind and body.
  • Thoughts, Feelings and emotions - The distinctions between them.
  • Positive & Negative emotions - How they both factor into your health.
  • More!
Your Superhealing Spirit
  • Spiritual beliefs and practices, isolation and anger - How they affect your physical and psychological health.
  • Laughter, forgiveness and gratitude - Why they make you feel good.
  • Healthy relationships - Their impact on your body.
The Author and Teleseminar Presenter 

Education -- Dr. Ferguson received her undergraduate degree from Brown University, and her MD from Duke University School of Medicine.
As a practicing physician, Dr. Ferguson observed that surgery and drugs were often not enough to make a recovering patient feel, from the inside out, a true sense of well being. She saw how stressful emotions and beliefs could get in the way. She was generally aware that holistic therapies could help remove mental and spiritual blocks to total good health, and she began delving into the scientific studies and clinical testing conducted to examine their validity. After learning a few techniques and applying them in trials with her own patients, with remarkable results, she became firmly convinced -- thoughts, feelings and emotions need to be addressed as much as physical symptoms in treating illness and disease.
Her Life’s Calling -- Dr. Ferguson has practiced holistic medicine in the Chicago area for over 20 years and has become a widely- recognized authority. An accomplished teacher, Dr. Ferguson has lectured at colleges, universities, and medical schools across the country. She is also a Senior Medical Director for the U.S. Postal Service.
In addition, Dr. Ferguson has developed a line of wellness aids through her consulting practice – One Health – that includes educational audio and workbook products designed to help those with various physical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and post-surgical recovery.

We Invite You...
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A Preview…
When you join our program, we’ll send you a preview of Superhealing: Engaging Your Mind, Body and Spirit to Create Optimal Health and Wellbeing. Read the first chapter HERE

Refer the most participants as a Superhealing affiliate and receive a personally autographed copy of the Superhealing book!

How to Join…
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