Keeping #Ebola Concerns in Perspective - Dr. Elaine Addresses Your Questions

It is difficult not to be confused about Ebola. Moms and dads, primary caregivers of their families' health have rightful concerns about this viral infection. As a mom of seven children, I too want to ensure my family is safe and well. Unfortunately, information regarding Ebola has been conflicting, confusing, overwhelming and exploited as a marketing tactic.

I am blessed to have a friend in Dr. Elaine Ferguson, the author of Superhealing. She was able to expound to me personally and on her blog just exactly how the Ebola virus works. Not only that, she highlights very common sense information.

*Much of what is being reported is media-based fear and will pass. To keep things in perspective, Dr. Elaine invites us to recall our own history of pandemic reporting,

  • SARS
  • Bird Flu
  • Y2K
  • H1N1
  • MERS
  • Anthrax
*The five Americans that contracted the virus in Africa were successfully treated, as noted by President Obama.

*Ebola is NOT an airborne virus, despite conflicting reports. She points out that viruses do not change their vector of transmission (mode of transmission). For example, HIV has always been 
transmitted via blood or bodily fluids.

*We need to consider the general malnourished state of African countries.

If you're concerned, worried or even fearful of contracting the virus, I highly encourage you to read Dr. Elaine's articles found below. 

As parents and stewards of our family's health, we should focus on what we should always be doing...protecting and developing our immune & gut systems with nutrient-rich diets, exercise and fresh air. With 80% of packaged American foods banned in many other countries due to its chemical content, the chances ofAmericans developing a chronic disease is possibly higher, than the chance of catching Ebola.


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