Have a Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving by Avoiding Additives in Your Food.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!
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I enjoy cooking for my family and working in the kitchen with my daughters and sons. Every year I try to make things from scratch in order to control what actually goes in my food.

This year we're having antibiotic-free, grass-fed (non-gmo grain) free-range turkey. I've chosen ingredients that are either unprocessed, certified organic and/or non-gmo free. Such as coconut flour, coconut sugar, millet flour, pink salt, coconut oil, unrefined (sustainable) red palm oil and more to replace processed ingredients and create more wholesome meals. Not everything is certified organic, BUT there are no packaged or processed foods in this meal, which is my ultimate goal.

Industrial Chemicals in Umbilical Cord Blood
Pregnant moms (and breastfeeding moms) are truly susceptible and vulnerable to processed meals. I beg of you to avoid these types of quick and easy meals for the sake of your little ones, or take the time to read the labels and learn about at least ONE of the ingredients on the label.

The EWG conducted an umbilical cord blood study and the findings are nothing short of disturbing. It was largely believed that the placenta shielded the cord blood and developing baby from environmental pollutants. Unfortunately, the study spearheaded by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) dispelled that belief.

Approximately 287 industrial chemicals were found in 10 babies. Eight perfluorochemicals detected - used as stain and oil repellents in fast food packaging, clothing, textiles and Teflon, brominated flame retardants and various pesticides. The scary part for me, personally speaking, is the 100% contamination rate in this study.

Additives in Food, Surprising Facts You May Not Know
The EWG recently released the Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives. Dr. Mercola sums up some pretty interesting information based on this guide.

  • Many additives have been linked to health concerns. Some have even received GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status.
  • Bromide, an endocrine disruptor is commonly found in breads such as hot dog and hamburger buns.
  • Foods may be contaminated via packaging, as shown by the EWG cord blood study. (perfluorochemicals)
  • BHA is banned for use in infant foods in the UK and banned for use in all foods in some parts of EU. The FDA considers BHA a GRAS additive. 
  • "Natural Flavors" are created in labs and can be contaminated with chemicals.

My Thanksgiving Tips

  • Try to make your Thanksgiving meal composed of mainly wholesome foods, made from scratch, by avoiding boxed foods such as instant potatoes & stuffing. 
  • Use quality ingredients - Unrefined, grass-fed, Certified Organic (not organic claims), Non-GMO, raw, low-heat, cold processed, minimally processed are key words, BUT you'll need to know what they mean in the sense of processing and of course-label reading and comprehension is key. My label-reading series can be found here. Unfortunately, many companies use these terms deceptively.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



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