Birthing In Water

Holistic Parenting Magazine invited yours truly to write an article on water birth. “Birthing in Water” is featured in this year’s March/April issue. Here’s a snippet of it…
Birthing In Water by Hannah Rhodes
“There was simply no way. It was imperative to seek out other birth choices. My second birth experience comprised all the traditional cocktails a modern childbirth has to offer. Induced, strapped to a bed, denied food with a painfully neglected IV stuck up my arm, it was nothing short of a miracle I wasn’t sectioned. My daughter arrived, unscathed by the harsh pitocin, but not the pulling and tugging of rough hands, and I endured the whole thing without pain medication. The memories surrounding what should have been a peaceful introduction of a beautiful child, are filled with degradation, belittle-ment, and resentment. Never have I felt so mistreated and violated in such a personal way. I spent that first and last night in that hospital in full defense mode. I fended off nurses who cited hospital policy while bringing bottles of formula and seemingly sadistic ideas on how to keep baby awake.


Today, the concept of water birthing continues to intrigue and cajole women across the globe as an therapeutic option for pain management and easy transition for the child. Although water birthing may be shocking to modern, medical consciousness, the practice is certainly not new and has been increasing in popularity in America since the ‘90s. Birthing in water is the practice of laboring and delivering in a tub of warm water (98 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit). It has been said water birthing has been around for a millennia, but there is little concrete evidence to show for this. The first modern water birth, as documented, took place in 1803, in France, in a French Medical Society Journal.”

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