Breastfeeding & Weight Loss: The Missed Connection Part 2, #Plant-Based #Protein

Continuing from Breastfeeding & Weight Loss: The Missed Connection

What I didn't know as a younger breastfeeding mom was the importance of protein while lactating.

Before I get started on this very interesting topic, I want to make it clear...breastmilk is nutritionally adequate  - even if your diet isn't.

"In recent years, research has confirmed that even if some nutrients are missing in a woman’s daily diet, she will still produce milk that will help her child grow. There is very little difference in the milk of healthy mothers and mothers who are severely malnourished. For example, if a mother’s diet is lacking in calories, her body makes up the deficit, drawing on the reserves laid down during pregnancy or before. Unless there is a physical reason for low milk production, a woman who breastfeeds on cue will be able to produce enough milk for her baby, regardless of what she eats." - LLLI
Your diet, good or bad, does not deduct from the natural nutritional availability of your milk's capacity to sustain your baby. A good diet with quality supplements enhances the benefits of breastfeeding. A consumption of processed, chemically-laden foods can add undesired components to breastmilk, but the fact remains that breastmilk is the perfect food for growing humans and that is untouchable.

What may not be recognized is a nursing mom's diet may affect HER more than it does her babe. If you're not eating healthy foods, your milk will still be nutritionally appropriate for your nursling, but you will likely be nutritionally deficient. Proper nutrition is an important component in weight loss.

"A woman who is not strict with her diet can still breastfeed successfully. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that good nutrition helps a mother maintain her health." - LLLI
When nursing my second and subsequent children. I would lose weight initially and then gain it back. The issue I struggled with was hunger. I was hungry a lot, naturally as my body needed sustenance to maintain my health and produce milk. But I craved protein specifically. I would eat chicken, turkey and fish to satiate my food needs. This, I knew, led to weight gain, so I tried to eat clean meat as much as possible. It wasn't successful. Other nursing moms have expressed the same issues that I've experienced; the desire to lose weight, but the constant hunger.

When my son was born, baby #8, I continued to take Miessence Complete Protein powder that I was taking during pregnancy. A month postpartum, it was very obvious that the protein supplement met my protein needs. I stayed full longer and was more satisfied, a first, as a nursing mom. As a matter of fact, I would take the protein with the Miessence Vitality Pack and would be too full to eat breakfast. I'm still nursing my son, who is now a year and have lost five additional pounds since his birth. My weight has been steady and I'm positive I could lose more pounds if I added an exercise routine, but my point is this; quality, whole, clean foods CAN and should be considered in losing weight while nursing.

More About Protein
Protein is a vital macronutrient – essential for the sustenance of life, and next to water, makes up the largest portion of our body weight. Unsurprisingly, protein makes up the majority composition of breastmilk followed by fat, and lactose. The liver manufactures about 80% of these amino acids, but the remaining 20% of amino acids have to be supplied by diet. These amino acids are essential amino acids.

Proteins are broken down in the stomach during digestion into amino acids, including the essential amino acids, that cannot be manufactured by the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of our bones, muscles and tissue.

When you have the right quality of protein - raw, plant-based, organic and complete - it creates a thermal effect in the body. It creates heat in the body through the process of digestion. Proteins take a lot of energy to digest, so more calories are burned after eating a meal high in protein. Up to 30 percent of protein’s calories get burned through its digestion, so building a weight loss strategy around lean sources of protein makes nutritional sense.

Why Miessence Complete Protein?
Prior to Miessence Complete Protein, I was simply not interested in protein powders. I knew on some level I needed a good supplement, but the vast wave of chalky, chemical-tasting protein products left a whole lot to be desired. 

Miessence Complete Protein powder is the best tasting protein product I've tasted. Ever. As a matter of fact, my friend did a blind taste test. She had her family taste the Miessence protein powder and another "natural" powder. Everyone chose Miessence. It is digestible, dis-solvable and goes with many liquids. My favorite way to drink it is with homemade Hemp Milk.

Here are two recipes you can add protein to:
Spiced Chocolate Hemp Milk with Turmeric

Hemp milk is the perfect compliment to the Miessence Complete Protein powder because hemp seed is also a complete protein source. Not only do they taste delicious together, but I can extend the use of Miessence because of the amount of protein in Hemp.

Raw, bio-fermented, certified organic, sweetened with Luo han fruit powder (Monk fruit)

Ingredient List:
Certified organic pea protein, certified organic brown rice, certified organic sacha inchi protein, non-GMO xanthan gum, certified organic luo han fruit powder

If you'd like a personal consultation about the Miessence Protein powder contact me.

Stay tuned for the third and final part of the Breastfeeding and Weight Loss series!

Hannah is a mom of eight children - ranging from 22 years of age to a year. She has nursed every one of her children for a year or more, and is currently nursing her eighth child, now a year-old. This series is based on her vast experience and research as a lactating mom. She is not a lactation consultant or nutritionist. The information presented here is presented in an informational and testimonial format and shouldn't be used to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. Please contact your local lactation consultant for any breastfeeding problems.



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