Infographic: Holistic Fasting for a Superior Cleanse

Last week I wrote an article on holistic fasting for a superior cleanse. It summarizes the power of fasting for detoxing and biogenesis benefits. Here's an infographic summarizing the fine points of the article. I highly recommend you read the piece through if you have some time, but if you are in a rush, check out the infographic for the main points! If you're interested in the nutritionally-supported, plant-based, 3-day fast, visit the shop here. I'm offering 30% off of your order of Miessence FAST for a limited time only! Contact me for the code!

Holistic Fasting Series:

Holistic Fasting for a Superior Cleanse
Before the Fast: Tips and a Fasting Plan
Fasting vs. Dieting: The Skill of Fasting

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