Just The Recipe: DIY AntiBacterial Pink Salt Disinfectant Spray

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Just the recipe, cuz sometimes you just don’t want to read the fluff and filler of someone’s life! But if you want to know the meat and potatoes of this special DIY salt disinfectant - Read on!


Add the pink sole to the bottle and then add the essential oils and sweet almond oil. Shake. If using straight pink salt, add the salt to the bottle and a little bit of filtered water and dissolve and then add the oils and shake. Fill the bottle with water and shake before use. You can make your own sole. The recipe can be found here.

How to Use

Carry with you to disinfect hard surfaces, hands, shopping carts, air or more.

Antibacterial Properties

I chose salt, oregano, and cinnamon specifically when I decide to make a disinfectant spray. I wanted something potent and effective. This formula is strong. Oregano and Cinnamon Bark are "hot" oils which mean they can cause skin irritation if applied neat to the skin (directly). Do NOT apply Cinnamon, Oregano, and Clove (also hot) directly to the skin. Handle with care when formulating this recipe. Wash your hands after handling the bottles.

Salt can deter most bacteria through a process called osmosis. It can cause bacteria to lose their water and/or cell structure causing cell death.1 Oregano has been widely researched and well known for its antibacterial role. It is antimicrobial and can be effective against drug-resistant strains of bacteria.2 Bacterial biofilms are showing increased resistance to pharmaceutical antibiotics making it difficult to eradicate. Many biofilms are present in microbial infections. They act as protectors against external aggression. Cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon bark has shown to be effective in disrupting bacterial cell membrane.3

Twelve Things You Probably Didn't Know About Salt

Choosing Your Essential Oils
Choose oils from companies that provide chromatography reports and other certifications online freely (without hassle or delay). Chromatography reports of each oil sold will show the chemical constituents of the oil which should show that the oil is authentic.

I love the Florihana brand* and have been using them for years. They are very open with their harvesting and distilling process, making their certifications freely available online for each oil that they sell. They also sell their oils with safety caps and I love this as a mom with
a toddler who gets into stuff. When it comes to hot oils like cinnamon, clove, and oregano, I really appreciate this feature!

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