Re-Branding and Re-Dedicating the Olive Parent to African Holistic Health

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Lots have been happening in my life personally, professionally and globally.

I started TOP with the intent and passion of spreading awareness of natural childbirth and pregnancies. I’ve gained so much knowledge, resources and connections through my 14 years of managing TOP. What a journey it’s been! Through this blog, I had the opportunity to work in public relations, manage blog campaigns and meet so many interesting bloggers and companies who had a passion for natural holistic living and products. I was able to connect with a wonderful magazine, Holistic Parenting Magazine, no longer in production and publish a few articles on my own childbirth story, breastfeeding and protein and water birthing.

Along the way, I became self-proficient in herbal knowledge, built an apothecary that I use to support my family’s health. I also became proficient in DIYs. Learning and building my own database of formulated products that I have used for years with success. 

Needless to say I, as well as my children, have grown. As a mom of eight children most of whom I have homebirthed, 3 adult children and five minor, I’m a bit different now. 

Last year was quite and interesting year and was the year of my awakening. 

This blog will now reflect that.

My passion for holistic living has never and never will wane, but instead it has increased a hundredfold as I am studying African Holistic Health.

I have not made this blog political, religious or racial because my mind frame at the time was to reach as many people as possible regardless of political, religious and racial affiliation. 

However, in 2020, a veil was removed. It is clear, as so-called African-Americans that our historical spirituality and identity needs to be recovered. 

I strongly believe that living holistically is the path to that. I will be researching, writing articles, formulating products recipes to share for and to the African-American community who desire to heal together as a unique people. I’ll be sharing from my own experiences as a mom, herbalist and new relevant information as it comes my way. I will also highlight current events as it affects the black community. 

And because holism encompasses BODY, MIND & SPIRIT I will be reflecting on spirituality and what that means to us historically.

To my long time readers - I realize that these topics delve a bit deeper than what you’re accustomed to. I also understand that my audience has been typically Eurocentric by nature and these topics may be uncomfortable for you or even anger you. 

Let me clear, I will first and foremost be “Black”. My blackness made this site what it was and will continue to do so - in essence it is who I am. My desire to home birth was sparked by this very issue…racism in the healthcare system. I never spoke of it publicly until now as a form of self-protection from the gaslighting the African American community typically receives when it speaks of the injustices it experiences. Last year, everything was exposed. Including the vast number of Black moms and babies that die in the American health care system. A topic I have been trying to highlight for 14 years.

If this site no longer vibes with you, you are very welcome to disengage. You NOT welcome to verbally engage in any negativity to and about the AA community. Why? Simply put, It’s not about you. Find a tribe that fits your vibe.

I see a need - just like the “Breast Cancer Awareness” movement, as an example, sees a need. It doesn’t incorporate or cater to ALL cancers needs, just breast cancer. In the same way, I will cater to the Black American community and the Diaspora of Africa.

This site will continue to evolve as it needs. It is my goal to create a safe space, eventually private, away from the toxicity of the “fast food” of social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter etc.). It will be a place to engage in real conversation. Posts will be long - be warned - as I do my best to provide through info. I will use these platforms to announce new conversational threads here, but will limit my interaction on those platforms. 

Let’s begin with the definition of HOLISTIC. Holism is the concept that the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT function as one unit. One dysfunctional part affects the whole. How does this happen? As an ovum all parts of the body were connected to each other. Upon fertilization, the separation of nerves to form organs etc. never lost their connection to one another. It is this way that the mind, body and spirit make up the biochemical, electrical and nutritional unit called the body. 

African holistic nutrition is centuries old and based on the concept of Ma’at.
There are many missing elements in America’s healthcare system - reflected in the list above ⬆️ - but the main element is the failure to recognize the biochemical differences between melanin-dominant persons and Eurocentric people that have caused the greatest harm to the Black community.

I will be posting more as I evolve TOP towards the way I envision it to be. So stick around. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter (I am currently no longer on Facebook) for new posts for inspiring conversation.




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